1.About Log In
Who can apply for an account? What can I do with an account?
Officially recognized primary and secondary schools through various countries are welcomed to register.
You may use International Exchange Window (IEW) after acquiring your account. The system will automatically match suitable primary and secondary schools from Taiwan after you login the backside of the website and fillout the form of school information and the willingness of exchange. Both sides can apply for an exchange.
How to apply for an account?
Please visit "Contact Us" to find your country's institutes in Taiwan and contact them about your willingness of international exchanges with Taiwan's primary and secondary schools. You will get your own (dedicated) account.
What can I do if I can't find my country's insitute in Taiwan?
Please contact us via E-mail.
Program for Establishing the IETW2.0 Website and International Linkage Mechanisms Office
Email: IE2.0@mail.ntust.edu.tw
2.About International Exchange Window (IEW)
Where can I find information about schools in Taiwan on the website?
See "Find a Partner" under homepage and select schools from Taiwan that meet your needs. Click "Map" to get the location of school from google map and click the name of school to get further information such as number of students, school features...etc.
Can I exchange with schools of Taiwan right after registration?
The system automatically matches at 6:00 in the morning after registration. You can login your account to view and send invitations to the schools that were matched. After the school of Taiwan agrees, you may start the exchange.